“The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.” -Mark Twain

After spending a month in Australia, I thought I was done traveling for awhile but when I realized I had a 4 day weekend coming up for the 4 of July, I knew I couldn’t pass up this opportunity to go somewhere else! I asked around on Facebook if anyone wanted to go somewhere with me or sponsor me to come visit them and I got 0 responses. Then one day my mom called me and said, “Hey I saw your Facebook post, did you find anywhere to go?”. I told her no but that I still wanted to go somewhere and she told me how she had a week off of work and wanted to go somewhere too! So I said, “ok, let’s go to San Francisco!”. We decided to go the day before the 4th of July and stay the whole week!







On Independence Day during the day, we walked around downtown San Francisco. We walked along Pier 39, Fisherman’s Wharf, then grabbed a bite to eat at Fog Harbor which was a decent seafood restaurant. I ordered a clam chowder bowl because I was told you HAVE to have clam chowder when you visit SF. The chowder was ok to say the lease.


We then walked to Lombard street because that was definitely on my SF bucket list and it was more beautiful than I ever imagined!! There were beautiful flowers everywhere, the houses were kept up very nice, and the bricks laid out on the road were amazing!


To end the night, we walked to Ghirardelli Square to watch the fireworks! SF is SO foggy all the time and there was no exception that night so we could barely see the explosion. There were tons of people out there though wrapped in all kinds of blankets and coats because it was rather nippy!


The next day, my mom and I decided to go to Muir Woods. Muir Woods is a national park that is home to HUGE redwood trees! The tallest tree in this forest is 258 feet. 258 FEET! The trees here were amazing! They stood so tall and strong and provided great shade. I felt so little in a forest of gigantic trees. I definitely got my travel bug from my mom. 100%. She has this national park passport book that she takes with her to all the national parks she visits and she can get a stamp for her visit just like how you would use a regular passport. It’s pretty cool! It helps you to remember where you’ve been. She also participates in the Junior Rangers which is a program at national parks where you can get an activity book to learn more about the park and if you finish it, you get a park ranger badge. I think it’s so awesome that my mom does that because she learns so much and it’s something she really enjoys. Her face just lights up when she gets her badge and I love it!


After Muir Woods, we headed up to Napa Valley to get wasted!! Just kidding! We did go to go wine tasting though! lol Napa Valley was about an hour and a half away from SF and the drive was very peaceful. The weather in SF stayed in the 60s I think and it is always overcast but as soon as we drove out of the city, the sun was shining thru and it was a warm 80 degrees in Napa Valley! There were vineyards to the left and right side of us everywhere in the Valley. Such a beautiful sight to see. Once we got to the wine tasting place, we walked in and over to the tasting bar. They let us taste 6 wines for $15 and I loved the Moscato, as I knew I would because I only like sweet wines. I’m not going to lie, I was a little buzzed after those 6 sips! I even told my mom a secret story about my first time getting drunk! lol

Day 3, we did more random sight seeing. We went to 16th street Mosaic stairs, Castro St. which is “famous” for having a large gay community, the Painted Ladies houses which are the houses seen in the opening scene of Full House and the Oakland Raiders stadium!


Little known fact: I have an obsession with prisons, jails, and criminal life! Why? I have no idea! lol but I was very excited for day 4 because we were going to visit Alcatraz! Alcatraz is a federal penitentiary located 1.25 miles off the coast of San Francisco that held some of the most notorious criminals from 1933 to 1963 to include Al Capone, Birdman, and Machine Gun Kelly.

My mother got her badge from Alcatraz too!

You can’t go to San Francisco and not see the Golden Gate Bridge! I’ve always seen it on TV and thought it was pretty but seeing it up close is a whole ‘nother story! lol It’s gorgeous! We took a boat ride in the bay around Alcatraz and under the Golden Gate Bridge to get a closer look! 🙂


Our last stop was the Jelly Belly factory, one of my mom’s favorite candies! I felt like a kid in a candy store…literally. lol I love to see how things are made, it fascinates me and the Jelly Belly factory was no exception. I loved how you got to walk thru and see every process from the time they mix all the ingredients to packaging. They even give you a free bag of Jelly Bellys at the end! The day we visited, they were making vomit, dead fish, and toothpaste flavor Jelly Bellys. The making of vomit was one of the WORST smells I’ve ever smelt in my life! I had a headache before I even left because the vomit smell was soIMG_20160707_150440011 strong! 🙂 At the end of the tour, you could go to the gift shop where they had a sampling table and I tried ‘dirt’. It was very realistic! lol They also had a big gift shop where you could buy different flavors to include beer, champagne, ice cream flavors, grass, boogers, and pancakes and waffles which were all very true to taste!

If you ever visit San Francisco, I hope you visit some of these places, I really enjoyed this trip!


2 thoughts on ““The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.” -Mark Twain”

  1. LOL Britt, I’m at the age where I’m more concerned with being comfortable than stylish!! It was quite chilly and we did a lot of walking!! All good!!


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